filmkoop wien lädt ein:
screenings hosted by filmkoop wien:
Hand and Machine - Richard Tuohy & Dianna Barrie
Moments in time - Madi Piller
Live Film Performance by the collective Framer
Visions of Analog Filmmaking Today - with works made in the independent filmlabs l'Etna, l'Abominable and Labo Bis.
Hybridity and the Performative Hand-made: Montreal Independent Cinema.
The Kalampag Tracking Agency - Experimental Films from the Philippines.
Blau Peru - Live Performance by Alexandra Moralesová & Georgy Bagdasar.
Ferahfeza (Ships) by Elif Refig.

Mountain Time - Screening by Eric Stewart und Taylor Dunne.
Fresh experimental films by Klubvizija SC from Zagreb.
Frenkel Defects II, short films curated by Kevin Rice.
Deborah S. Phillips.
16mm films by Randy Sterling Hunter.
Films by Richard Tuohy.

filmkoop wien zu Gast bei:
filmkoop wien screenings hosted by:
Austrian Avantgarde in social commentary & material aesthetics, Tokyo, Japan
the8fest 2017, Toronto
Home Movie Day 2016, Wien
Young Austrian Avant-Garde Films - MONO NO AWARE, New York City, USA
Young Austrian Avant-Garde Films - CineCycle, Toronto, Canada
filmkoop wien - Hybrid Films - Ibrida*Pluri Festival, Eastern Bloc, Montréal, Canada
Home Movie Day 2015, Wien
Home Movie Day 2014, Wien
5 Jahre filmkoop wien - Cinema Next, Stadtkino im Künstlerhaus, Wien
filmkoop wien goes Rotterdam, WORM Filmwerkplaats, Rotterdam
filmkoop wien goes Zagreb - Klubvizija SC, Zagreb
Home Movie Day 2013 - Nostalgie du Voyage, Wien
TIE Alternative Measures, Colorado Springs, USA
Leuchtende Filmkader, Viennale, Wien